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The student who does not complete their homework and then provides an outrageous excuse to their instructor is one of the most common tropes in popular culture.  An excuse is provided, the student shrugs their shoulders, the instructor gives a sideways grimace, and then the audience laughs.  Advisors know that, in academics, excuses are a regular occurrence and not as funny as television makes excuses seem.

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decision-making, reflection, critical thinking, Alexander Kunkle

The human mind is full of complex emotions and often these emotions drive us to places that we may not have prepared for. As academic advisors, we see students display a range of emotions every day. When deciding the best role for an advisor working with students experiencing negative affective emotions, it may be best to consider an advisor’s training and the context of the situation.

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rapport, communication, build relationships, academic support, advising theory, student motivation, encouraging students, active listening, Alexander Kunkle, Jesse Poole, Stefany Sigler
Posted in: 2020 June 43:2
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