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Professional associations like NACADA provide a forum for doctoral students to seek out mentors who will not only support but further their careers. Doctoral students within NACADA have connected in a variety of ways to share their journeys through coursework, research, and dissertation completion.

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professional development, Melissa Johnson, Laura Pasquini

High achieving students excel academically, are willing to tackle complex problems, and balance a variety of involvement opportunities simultaneously, but too often this level of involvement comes at a cost.  Advisors have opportunities to empower high-achievers to seek a healthy balance.

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Melissa Johnson, advising environment, high achieving, Kristy Spear, Brittany Hoover

In the world of improvisational (improv) comedy, advancing is the process of moving a scene forward.  In the world of academic advising where student success is a central narrative, it is imperative that advisors help students advance their own scene. 

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decision-making, theory, theory to practice, professional development, communication, advisor training, academic support, advising theory, advising strategy, advising approaches, active listening, Melissa Johnson, Kyle Ross
Posted in: 2018 June 41:2
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