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Multicultural awareness is essential for academic advisors, for our cultural identity "is central to what we see, how we make sense of what we see, and how we express ourselves."

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communication, build relationships, advisor competencies, cultural differences, Leigh Cunningham

Members of the Academic Advising Today Editorial Team have been innovative digital citizens interested in advancing NACADA’s role in the larger digital community, and the current group has been discussing what changes might be needed to keep the ePub current...

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history, technology, digital, Leigh Cunningham

Readers are encouraged to join in the ongoing conversation...

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Leigh Cunningham, advising theory, theory, common reading, philosophy

With more than a decade of successful leadership development to celebrate, the NACADA Emerging Leaders Program recognizes the many members of the ELP classes who have served in leadership positions and welcomes the incoming Class.

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Leigh Cunningham, emerging leaders, Meagan Hagerty
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