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As our world becomes a global community, the significance of producing globally-competent citizens is turning into a hot topic on university and college campuses. As academic advisors move away from a “service”-oriented role to that of a “teacher”, we also need to fulfill our duty in the name of critical pedagogy.

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We are currently experiencing one of the worst economic downturns in our country's history... The severity of the recession has left America's education in a precarious position...Advisors must be prepared to deal with new challenges and situations.

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academic support, advising strategy, encouraging students, Yung-Hwa Anna Chow
Posted in: 2009 June 32:2

Inaccurate assumptions, coupled with the steady increase of international enrollment all over the U.S., have resulted in a number of racial incidents targeting international students… University administrations across the country have proposed that we need to create safe and welcoming environments by encouraging cross-cultural interactions between domestic and international students.

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empathy, international, Yung-Hwa Anna Chow
Posted in: 2013 June 36:2

Research has shown that when there is a lack of connection between students and their professors, the students often feels disengaged, disconnected, and unmotivated.  The authors examine some of the issues that hinder faculty mentoring and provide some suggestions for how advisors can promote the faculty/student relationship.

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Yung-Hwa Anna Chow, mentoring, Leisa McCormick
Posted in: 2016 June 39:2

U.S. national student demographics and recent campus incidents point to the need for advising administrators to promote diversity through hiring practices and training of advisors and by creating and maintaining inclusive, supportive work environments. There are a number of actions that can be taken to support diversity on our campuses.

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professional development, advisor training, cultural differences, advising workshops, ethical dilemmas, professionalism, advising environment, Yung-Hwa Anna Chow, LGBT
Posted in: 2019 March 42:1
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