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When faced with people who we do not understand because they are different from us, it is all too easy to think as little as possible about that difference; thinking about why we are uncomfortable is uncomfortable in and of itself. .. helpers in any profession should recognize that experiencing discomfort from difference is normal, maybe even natural. But processing that reaction—and learning from it—is essential for growth.

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build relationships, Craig McGill, LGBT

U.S. national student demographics and recent campus incidents point to the need for advising administrators to promote diversity through hiring practices and training of advisors and by creating and maintaining inclusive, supportive work environments. There are a number of actions that can be taken to support diversity on our campuses.

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professional development, advisor training, cultural differences, advising workshops, ethical dilemmas, professionalism, advising environment, Yung-Hwa Anna Chow, LGBT
Posted in: 2019 March 42:1

When blackness, queerness, and nonconformity intersect, the burdens students carry can be profound.  Studies have shown a connection between queerness and discrimination, harassment, and victimization on U.S. college campuses. Academic advisors cannot underestimate how these incidents impact the lives and academics of BQGN students. The author offers methods that can be utilized to assist these students.

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empathy, communication, build relationships, academic support, cultural differences, advising approaches, encouraging students, active listening, LGBT, Maximillian Matthews
Posted in: 2019 June 42:2

As members of NACADA, advisors work toward promoting “the role of effective academic advising in student success” and fostering “inclusive practices within the Association that respect the principle of equity and the diversity of advising professionals across the vast array of intersections of identity” (NACADA, 2018). The charge to utilize advising as a tool for student success while focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion means advisors need to be aware of how they are supporting and fighting for marginalized students and colleagues. Allies support those who are marginalized, seek to make changes so that others can get the credit they are due, and are constantly learning.

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advisor competencies, academic support, cultural differences, critical thinking, ethical dilemmas, ethical approaches, ethics, encouraging students, professionalism, active listening, advising space, LGBT, Harrison
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