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Emily Liverman, Indiana University Bloomington It is an accepted concept that student engagement and their sense of belonging to a campus or depart...

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graduate students, Emily Liverman
Posted in: 2016 June 39:2

The author discusses ten activities to improve graduate student attrition rates.

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graduate students, Brittany Sheehy

Most students intuitively know graduate programs differ from undergraduate programs; however, most cannot articulate how different they actually are or what those distinctions may be.  The authors contend that providing an orientation program is a vital component to the transition process.

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communication, critical thinking, encouraging students, Rebecca Hapes, graduate students, Rafael R. Almanzar, Gail Rowe
Posted in: 2018 March 41:1

In today’s 21st century economy, it is no longer enough for advisors to help students choose a major and craft a course schedule. Advisors need to help students create a step-by-step plan for achieving their long-term goals and preparing for unexpected barriers along the way. Thus, career advising is now an important function of academic advising.

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decision-making, proactive advising, professional development, communication, career advising, academic support, advising strategy, critical thinking, faculty advisors, Liberal Arts, graduate students, Aurora Alexander, Kristi Kamis, pre-professional preparedness, role
Posted in: 2019 March 42:1

The challenge behind any best practice is determining what is most effective for a specific context and student population, and this is especially true for graduate student populations. As graduate students become more diverse with added complex life situations, advisors must further develop their existing retention strategies to reflect students’ needs.

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graduate students, Jamie Heck, Angie Cook

Many higher education institutions offer graduate programs, but how diligently do these institutions pursue inclusive practices for their graduate students? At many institutions, graduate students represent a sizable student body with unique challenges and specific needs, but true efforts for inclusivity and connectedness would require increased, intentional consideration and planning.

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graduate students, Jamie Heck, Angie Cook

The authors share their experiences of the transition from working with traditional undergraduate students to working with graduate and professional students, highlighting the need for more literature, resources, and support for those advising graduate and professional students.

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graduate students, Olivia Miller, Graduate Advising, advising graduate students, Katelyn Talbott, Laura Kuizin
Posted in: 2023 March 46:1
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