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International students want to be personally and academically successful; however, when students lack confidence in their communication skills, or when they experience negative interactions with the host culture, they may be unwilling to seek guidance when they need it… So what can we do?

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In our work with students, it is important to recognize our own patterns of thinking and to examine the binaries we take for granted.  How do we label and categorize people?  How does this affect the way we view and interact with others?  How can we break down our own binary thinking while helping students do the same?

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build relationships, communication, cultural differences, Nancy Willow, role of advisor, LGBT
Posted in: 2015 March 38:1

Race, ethnicity, and culture are powerful variables that influence the way that people behave, think, perceive, and define events. Academic Advising for African Americans can be complex and requires specific skills and knowledge from the in order to establish a more safe and welcoming environment that fosters a humanizing, holistic, and proactive approach.

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academic support, cultural differences, build relationships, advising environment, advisor competencies, cultural capital, Terrance McClain

What can advisors learn from Colin Kaepernick’s protest?  The authors contends that Kaepernick’s example can serve as a guide toward gaining an understanding of racial identity development.

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Cornelius Gilbert, cultural differences

The increased presence of international students means academic advisors must be aware of the unique issues facing international students in order to support and ensure success across the range of students they serve.  The author shares six strategies that can help advisors working with international students. 

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cultural capital, communication, cultural differences, international, active listening, Jinglin Guo

The notion of peer mentoring for Indigenous students has captured all aspects of the author’s life, inspiring passion for development of a thriving and positive student community where students do not have to feel like just a student number, but a member of the community.

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academic support, retention, cultural differences, advising theory, role of advisor, build relationships, community relationships, theory, peer mentors, mentoring, theory to practice, programming, Carla Marie Loewen, admissions, parental involvement
Posted in: 2018 June 41:2

The continued influx of international students at American higher education institutions demands a better understanding of the motivation, background, needs, expectations, and challenges of these students which can only be achieved through adequate training for academic advisors.

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