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All around the world, educators find that parents of college students today are more involved than ever before.  Culture is an important factor in exploring the role of parental influence on college students.  The author discusses some of the cultural factors that are particularly salient at her institution, the American University of Sharjah.

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Most major academic advising theories stress the importance of the advising relationship.  In advising, the quality of the relationship between advisor and student is at the heart of most interventions.  The author notes that the shared focus of various advising theories on factors that foster the advisor-student relationship is very similar to the common factors theory in psychology.

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theory, research, empathy, communication, build relationships, advisor competencies, academic support, advising theory, advising approaches, active listening, advising environment, advising research, Mehvash Ali
Posted in: 2018 June 41:2

Inequities in education were exacerbated through the year 2020 and this trend continues in 2021. Global disparities in internet access and availability of electronic equipment needed for virtual education are escalating the existing racial disparities in education that are compounded by economic and regional pressures and family obligations. It is imperative that institutions and communities look for solutions to reduce these emergent disparities created over the last year and a half to find solutions and provide targeted support for diverse students.

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academic advising, Mehvash Ali, education disparities, global pandemic, virtual learning
Posted in: 2021 June 44:2
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