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Many institutions struggle to integrate accreditation criteria for assessment with their efforts to improve and enhance programs for their students. In this climate, the interest in and need for assessment of our students’ academic advising experiences has become a major issue on our campuses.

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Charlie Nutt, assessment, mission statement, learning outcomes
As advisor roles are clarified and defined on campus, a professional development team can move forward with programming and training to help strengthen skills and abilities as they pertain to advisor expectations...topics must fit the group’s mission and objectives, as determined through the assessment process...

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professional development, collaboration, advisor training, assessment, Tamara Workman, Teri Farr, Jennifer Frobish, Anjie Almeda, mission statement, programming
Posted in: 2013 March 36:1

Implementing a successful outcomes assessment plan, particularly one that assesses learning and performance across campus units, is a big undertaking.  The authors consider ten essential, intangible elements of any successful outcomes assessment endeavor.

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decision-making, research, professional development, communication, collaboration, build relationships, advisor competencies, community relationships, assessment, common reading, mission statement, research group, advising research, Jaimie Haider, Ashley Moir

The author discusses how she benefited from the Assessment Institute: learning the curriculum, being guided by faculty members, and networking with like-minded colleagues from across the country and abroad.

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theory, research, professional development, advisor training, role of advisor, advising theory, preparedness, advising strategy, assessment, advising workshops, professionalism, mission statement, advising approaches, Fang Du

An advising program’s mission statement is the guiding principle that should be at the back of an advisor’s mind as they enter every student interaction.  The author describes a five-step process to write mission statements.

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theory to practice, professional development, collaboration, advising theory, advising strategy, critical thinking, mission statement, learning outcomes, Schaffling
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